The Difference - Smart Source of Plant-Based Omega-3 Ingredients

We're an algae ingredient company providing high quality, algal, value-added Omega-3 ingredients for a wide range of food, beverage, and dietary supplement (including infant) applications. Algarithm Ingredients make all the difference in your final product application. In addition to offering phenomenal plant-based Omega-3 ingredients, we have the expertise to help you formulate your final product and deliver omega-3s in any application, without compromising on taste.

But why chose us? Because we're the Smart Source of Plant-Based Omega-3 Ingredients. We explain below why you would love our ingredients (see table below as well for differentiators).

Minimal Taste/Odor

Our ingredients have been recognized to be the best in flavour and odor by chefs and industry customers. Below is a testimonial from one of the chefs we’ve worked with (more testimonials to be added).

Why Plant-Based?

At Algarithm what drives us is an appreciation for harmonious living with nature, hence we made a conscious choice of using a plant-based source for our ingredients. Fish oil, the primary source of Omega 3, is increasingly seen as unsustainable. In a plunge to the brink of collapse, marine fish population have reduced 50 per cent globally between 1970 and 2010 due to exploitation (over fishing), habitat degradation/loss and climate change impacts. In addition fish tend to have high levels of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium) and pesticides (DDT, PCB’s, dioxins, furans, etc.) that are known toxins and carcinogens.

Algae offer sustainable, plant-based alternative source of Omega 3 that is contaminant-free (no heavy metals, pesticides) without allergen concerns. Our algae is grown via highly controlled fermentation process (within the EU standards), using a solvent-free process (no chemicals used) meaning gentle on the environment.

With our plant-based, toxin free and sustainable ingredients, we hope to revolutionize ingredient sourcing in the food/beverage and dietary supplement industry, contributing our part in making the world a better place.


Our ingredients are GMO free. Our algal cultures have been isolated from Bay of Fundy off the coast of Nova Scotia. Following that the algal variety is fermented, extracted and refined using all non-GMO inputs.

Chemical-Free Extraction

Along with our partners we developed a water-based chemical-free extraction for our ingredients. What that means is minimally processed and superior quality ingredient for your product formulation.

Difference Table

Name Oil Powders Emulsions
Highest Quality Oil (long shelf-life)
Price Competitive (even with Chinese suppliers)
Water (Aqueous) Extracted
Ability to Scale Quickly
Patented/Trade Secret Technology
12-Month Ambient Shelf-Life